Noida Special Economic Zone

Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Department of Commerce, Government of India

(NSEZ Authority, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization)

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City Office: Office of the Development Commissioner,Government of India,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce
Noida Special Economic Zone,4th Floor, STC Building,
Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001
Noida Office: Office of the Development Commissioner, Government of India,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce,
Noida Special Economic Zone, Noida Dabri Road,
PhaseII, Noida-201305, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar(UP),

Phone: 011-23701096 Phone: 0120-2567270, 0120-3021444-46
E-Mail Fax: 0120-2567276, 0120-2562314
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S.No. Name & Post Telephone No.(Extn) and Email
1. Dr. L.B Singhal , Development Commissioner Noida: 0120-2562315 New Delhi: 011-26815061(17),
2. Sh. S. S. Shukla Joint Development Commissioner Noida: 0120-2567274 New Delhi: 011-26815061(18),
3. Smt. Mala Rangarajan, Dy Development commissioner 0120-2567273(20),
4. Shri Rajesh Kumar,Dy Development commissioner 0120-2567275(49),
5. Shri R.K. Srivastava,Dy Development commissioner 21,
6. Shri Dharam Veer, Account Officer 23,
7. Shri R.P. Verma,Secretary 51,
8. Shri R.K. Sharma,Assistant Development commissioner 22,
9. Shri Ram Baboo,Assistant Development commissioner 48,
10. Shri. Prakash chandra, Assistant Development commissioner 50,
11. Shri Subodh Kumar Jha,Assistant Development commissioner 26,
12. Shri Mohan Veer Ruhella,Assistant Development commissioner 52,
13. Shri Ajay Kumar Sinha, Superintendent (Audit) 0120-2567271(24),
14. MD Salik Parwaiz Deputy Commissioner Customs 0120-2562980(19),
15. Shri Rakesh Kumar, Superintendent 58,
16. Shri R. K. Chauhan, Appraiser 33,
17. Shri S. K. Tyagi, Appraiser 29,
18. Smt. Rekha Prasad, Appraiser 36,
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